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Geology research topics are easily written by Essayadvisers.com writers

on 04/02/2013

Fracking What is the history of the technology used in fracking? Can it be used to draw out natural gas from oil fields that were previously considered depleted? What formations have been found to contain the most natural gas that can be retrieved via fracking? Water Well water has been used as a source of water for millennia. However, with electric pumps, the rate at which water is drawn out of the ground exceeds the ground water replenishment in many places. What earthquakes could have been caused by the withdrawal of water from the ground? Geology research topics could include the impact of the growing demand for water on the landscape.

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Super Volcanoes Craters on the moon were once thought to have been the result of volcanic activity. More recent analysis has found a number of super-volcanoes. The entire Yosemite national park is the crater of a super volcano. Toba in the Pacific and Thera in the Mediterranean are also super volcanoes. How many super volcanoes exist, and how often do they erupt? It has been theorized that when Mount Toba erupted about 75,000 years ago, it triggered an extreme ice age that nearly wiped out the human species as evidenced in a human genetic bottleneck. Geology topics could address the impact of geological phenomena on human evolution. Geology topics could also include the formation of the massive Siberian lava fields that may have been responsible for an extinction level event. Citizen Geologists Google Earth has been credited with bringing amateurs into the field of geology. From the Roman villas found in 2005 via Google Earth to archeological sites in the Saudi Arabian desert, the eyes and minds of thousands of passionate amateurs is bringing myriad wonders to light. Can citizen geologists be used in a similar fashion to find meteor impact sites, identify fault lines and possible geothermal power sites? Geology research topics could merge collaborative technology and standing geological questions.