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Money Back Guarantee

Our goal in the business of academic assistance is to satisfy you at your best and make you feel safe while placing the order with the company essayleaders.com

We allow our clients to open a dispute for the order and request their money back if anything goes wrong with the work process. We would like to inform you on the stages and cases that might be relevant for requesting a dispute. The satisfaction rate of our company is 97%, however it is almost impossible to avoid misunderstandings and difficulties in the entire process of cooperation.

When the dispute is opened, it usually takes about 5-7 days to carefully review a case by our Dispute Department, but every deadline differs due to the communication between us and you as our customer. We kindly suggest you to stay in touch with our manager in order to resolve the process faster.

There are the certain cases when we issue money back:

• “I made a payment twice”- in case there is double payment from your side, you need to contact us immediately in order to inform the support and ask for a refund for the accident payment. If we have noticed that double payment was made from your account, we will refund the sum instantly.

The same procedure is implemented in case you place two identical orders- we will refund the amount for the unneeded order.

• “No writer was found to complete my paper”- We are doing our best to find the most suitable writer for each order we receive, however there are cases when it is almost impossible due to the certain complexity of the assignment. In case the proper writer was not found for your order, we will inform you as soon as possible and issue a full refund, also the discount for future orders will be provided to you by the support team. If there is no writer found for the revision to be completed for your order, we will forward the information on this matter to our Dispute Department in order to resolve the case and set up the amount of refund. Each case is resolved individually.

• “My order was delivered to me after the deadline”- If the deadline exceeded because you did not provide us with the materials needed on time, there is no possibility to apply for a refund in this case, because we are able to start working on the order only after we receive all the information and instructions for the assignment in order to satisfy your needs. Please, make sure you submit all the needed information right after you place the order from the website in order to prevent dispute cases. If the paper was delivered to you after the deadline, you are able to request a recalculation of the price. For example, if you have ordered a 3 hour delivery service and the work was late for more than 15 minutes, your price will be recalculated for 8 hours delivery and you will receive the partial refund for changing the deadline. If the lateness occurs for the order which deadline is more than 7 days, we will refund you 10% of the total price of the order upon your request.

There are some cases when we ask for extensions because of the complexity of the order. If you agree to those requests, then you are not able to claim for any refunds later.

You are able to request for any refunds from your side within the next 10 days after the work was delivered to you, no late requests will be processed.

• “The revision was delivered after the requested deadline”- The price recalculation is inappropriate in this case. If the revision was late for more than 30 minutes, you are able to claim for opening a dispute, but no further revisions will be possible for this order. The dispute manager will review the case within the designated time and come up with the most suitable amount for a refund. Each case is reviewed individually, but the maximum refund in this case is 15%.

• “I am not satisfied with the quality of the paper”- It is well known fact that we always do our best to provide the high quality work, but there are cases when the certain part of the customers are not satisfied. The reasons for that could be caused by any aspects of the work process. Please, read through the cases when the refund is available:

• You have received the paper in .pdf which is a preview version of the paper; the paper was not approved yet. In this case you are able to request unlimited revisions or open a dispute for a manager to resolve the problem with the order. The refund up to 100% is possible in this case. However, in order to prevent the fraudulent activity our Dispute Department carefully checks the paper for quality, followed instructions, plagiarism and other aspects of work. You will need to provide strong arguments that support your position of unsatisfied customer with the paper that our company has provided you with. Each case is resolved individually.

• You have received the paper in .doc which is a final version of the paper; the paper was approved. In this case you are not eligible for a full refund since the order was approved; this means that you are fully satisfied with the provided work. However, you are eligible for partial refund which could be up to 30%. Each case is resolved individually.

• “I would like to cancel my order”- If for some reason you decide to cancel the order before the writer was assigned to it- 100% of refund will be issued to you. If you decide to cancel the order after the writer was assigned to the assignment and less than half of the deadline has already passed - 70% of refund is available, since we have to compensate the writer’s work. If you decide to cancel the order when the writer was assigned to it and more than half of the deadline has already passed- 40% of refund is available upon your request. If you decide to cancel the order but the paper was completed before the deadline and delivered to you, you are not eligible for a refund.

• “I have received my work but I would like a refund”- You are eligible to open a dispute within the 10 days after you receive the first version of the paper. If you were delivered a .pdf version and within the next 10 days you have not contacted us regarding your work, it will be automatically approved and no further adjustments could be made to the paper as well as no refund will be possible to request. You are responsible to stay updated on the progress of the work and check the versions of the paper on time in order to prevent misunderstandings and disputable situation.

• “I submitted my paper but it appeared plagiarized”- We carefully check each paper through our own plagiarism detection system, but the only plagiarism detection system, that shows 100% accurate results is turnitin.com. If you have investigated the plagiarized parts in your paper, you are welcome to provide us with the plagiarism report and we will either revise your paper for free or open a dispute for the order. However, please mind, that we will accept the plagiarism report only from turnitin.com or your university. ATTENTION! When you check your paper on turnitin.com it automatically adds the content of the work to the database, so if the work is checked on turnitin.com for the second time, it will show a high % similarity index.

• “I want to request a refund for additional features of my order”- If you select additional features for your order like: editor’s service, writer’s samples or summary page, the refund for listed features is not possible. However, you may request a refund for changing the writer’s category only if the writer was not assigned to your order, but if the order is in progress and the writer is working on it, the refund is not available at this case.

In case you have any questions/complaints or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact our support team 24/7. The team of professional managers will always assist you and find the best solution for your case in order to save you time and nerves