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Government research paper is of very high quality with our service

on 05/02/2013

Evolution of the Electoral College Government term paper will tell you how electoral votes were assigned based on the size of each state's Congressional delegation, giving disproportionate weight to small states by giving them at least 3 electoral votes. The Electoral College was devised to ensure that candidates had to visit states other than the most populous ones and win some of the small states along with the most populous ones. Instead of changing the Constitution's definition of the Electoral College and the proportion of delegates, Nebraska and Maine have decided as states to apportion their delegates based on the popular vote in their state. Several more states are discussing a similar change. Who would have won prior elections if this method were used? A government term paper could compare the electoral results of prior elections such as the 2000 election or the 1888 election of Grover Cleveland.

Government research paper can discover many facts about how government works for you

Rise of the Independents The United States government has traditionally been dominated by two political parties. At its founding, the two parties were the Whigs and the Democrats. Thirty years later, it was the Democrats and the Republicans. While each side's platform evolved, we've still been a two party system. For example, a government research paper could study the potential impact of the Republican party splitting into a Tea Party and a smaller Republican part, as well as an opinion as to which group would become the new Conservative party. Government Finance How is the government financed? What percentage of its revenue comes from taxes, and what percentage of the budget is paid for by borrowing? How could a National Debt greater than the nation's Gross Domestic Product affect its future finances? Research possibilities as to how such a debt could be paid off. Another topic for a government research paper is how the lack of a federal budget from 2008 through 2013 may have facilitated deficit spending.