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Essays on population growth are done by our service and professional writers

on 04/02/2013

Maybe you need an essay on population growth for your history class. One of the challenges you face is finding topics for your essays on population growth that do not repeat the refrain that there are too many people today and the world is about to end. What are some fresh topics on the subject of population growth? Over-Shoot The United Nations has been projecting the future of human population growth and total population figures for over 50 years. In the 1960s, there were projections of ten billion or twenty billion people living on an overcrowded world. In the 2013 report, the world population in 2050 is now expected to be between 8 and 9 billion. What happened to lower the population projects?

Essay on population growth can be useful while studying in the university

Hidden Factors Affecting Population Growth How does growth in the number of self-identifying and practicing homosexuals affect population growth projections? If China repeals its one child policy, will it significantly affect world-wide population growth? There are other factors that affect population growth. Religious affiliation and the dedication to those beliefs are roughly correlated to increased family size. Evangelical Christians in the United States average 2.2 children while atheists and liberal Christians average 1.5-1.8 children. If their children continue to follow in their parents footsteps, will First World nations currently experiencing zero population growth except for immigration start to see their populations start to grow again? Another topic for an essay on population growth is the impact of immigration. Which nations are experiencing the greatest population growth due to immigration? Which nations would hit replacement level fertility if they stopped accepting immigrants? Conversely, essays on population growth could study the affect immigration has on the fertility of immigrants. How long do they remain at their home country's fertility level, and how long does it take for their fertility level to match that of their new home?