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Essay on Bermuda triangle can be done same as Bermuda triangle essay

on 04/02/2013

Bermuda triangle is one of the most controversial parts of the Atlantic Ocean. The US navy and even geographical maps do not recognize the region. However, some people still believe that there is something extraordinary about the water around that area. The following essay on Bermuda triangle, Bermuda triangle essay will give you an insight on this controversial region. Many aircraft and sea vessels are believed to have disappeared in the area under unknown circumstances and some people still feel that there are supernatural happenings in the area. Essay on bermuda triangle will explore you the supernatural explanation pins the disappearances to some left over technology of the mythical Atlantis continent and compass problems. Some scientists have also tried to explain what could possibly cause such disappearances with some believing that there could be suction forces underneath the waters caused by unusual gravitational forces. Also bermuda triangle essay will tell you about scientists have blamed the disappearances to some unusual air currents on the surface of the Bermuda waters.

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The first incident which raised suspicion about the area is the disappearance of the Flight 19.The Flight 19 was a group of five TBM Avenger bombers of the US navy which had left on a training mission and none of the came back to the training base. Another aircraft sent by the Navy base to follow up on what had happened to the Flight 19 failed to return also raising a lot of questions. Many other vessels and aircrafts are believed to have sunk in the triangle. However, documented evidence shows that some of the stories were inaccurately reported and blown out of proportion. It reported that the number of vessels that passes through the same region is so huge and such disappearances are normal accidents caused by human error. However, many people still believe that the Bermuda triangle exists.