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science paper

Science papers can either be used to share your own original reaseached work with other scientists or to review research done by others. The science paper is very important to the evolution of modern science. To achieve your goal, the paper must be informative, not impressive. It must be highly readable, concise, clear and accurate.

Science research paper usually have two audiences: referee, who, together with journal editor, decide if it is suitable to to publish the paper; and journal readers themselves, who have some knowledge about the contents of the paper. For the paper to be accepted and cited by referees and readers, it must prove beyond any doubt that the research it presents is valid, important, and relevant to scientists working in the same field. To achieve this, the paper must provide both motivation and outcome of the work, and must contain relevant evidence to institute validity of its outcome.

In order to achieve good results, Science essay is often structured in five parts as explained below:

• The introduction part that explains the motivation for the work it presents while preparing the reader for the content of the paper. For the introduction part to be clear and more logical, it has to separate what the paper covers from what the author has done.

• The methods and material part placed at the appendix and give enough details to other scientists to replicate experiments present in the paper.

• The results and discussion part present and analyze the results. The two are generally combined in one section, but the meaning of the results needs to be interpreted to the reader for them to make sense of them.

• The conclusion part presents the outcome by interpreting the findings at high levels than the discussion and by comparing the findings to the motivation acknowledged in the introduction part.

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