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essay on religion

Religion been a contentious issue around the globe has necessitated the composition of religion essays. Religion is the human beings relation to what they regard as divine, spiritual, sacred or holy. It is normally correlated to an individual's relation to God, spirits or gods. Worshipping and observing the religious doctrines has led to the diverse reactions among its followers. A religion essay seeks to elaborate and substantiate on the diverse topics on religion.

This article is a sample religion essay that will help you to write your own paper. In case you need any assistance in your writing, Essayleaders will be glad to assist you. We have a team of highy professional writers who know how to write a good paper on religion.

There has been a worrying issue around the globe on the consequences of religion mixing with politics. This can be detrimental to the teachers of the word and the believers at large. So they have subsequently come up with techniques of pointing this out to their flocks, which is easily conveyed through an essay on religion.

The various religions practiced around the world are Hindu, Christianity, Islam and several others. Those in the Islamic religion refer to their God as Allah, The Hindus' is referred to as Brahman and the Christians refer to him as God. Each religion has its distinctive beliefs and practices, but in the end all of them have some similarities either. As for the Hindu and the Islam they have a similarity in their belief that their religions are monotheistic and are still on their Pilgrimage to God and their participation in the acts of charity. All these religions believe in one true God meaning that they all believe in one deity.

Christians' Holy book is the Bible, the Muslim book is the Quran and they both agree on the existence of only one true God and that he surpasses all human understanding in the world. Hindus also believe in one true God but they believe that he appears in different forms and shapes. These religious similarities also form a basis of writing essays on religion.

The overall goal in all this religions is to become close to God. They all believe that they can do so through worshipping and adoring Him.