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literature review research paper

We should not confuse literature reviews with book reviews. A literature review writing service analyzes scholarly papers, articles and books among other sources, which are relevant to a particular issue or area of study. It also provides a description, summary, critical evaluation to a scholarly paper. The purpose of literature review is to provide an overview of important literature published on the topic of discussion. There are several components, which a writer should consider when writing a literature review.

Similar to major research works, services of writing literature reviews require the writer to follow four steps.

• One of these steps is the formulation of problem. This involves the topic or the field of study, which the research paper wants to examine. It should give the components of the issues that are related to the topic of research.

• The next step is about literature search. This involves looking for materials, which are relevant to the topic the research explores. These materials can be books, articles, newspapers and other secondary sources.

• Data evaluation is the third step. This determines the literature work that makes a significant contribution to the understanding of the subject matter.

• The last step in writing a literature review is the analysis and interpretation of the data. This involves two things: discussing the research findings and giving conclusion of relevant literature of the topic.

A literature review research paper should consist of the following elements. A goos writing service provider should give an overview of the topic, issues related to the topic and theories that the topic considers relevant. It also should include the objectives of the literature review.

The review work should be devided into three categories: the issues supporting a certain position, those that are against the position, and those that offer alternative theses. The review should explain how each work is similar to others or how it differs from other works. It should conclude which pieces of research are the best by giving convincing arguments. A good literature review should contribute to the understanding and development of the topic of research.