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history extended essay

To write a good history essay, you have to write only the truth about the topic that you have selected. You should not change even a single event according to your convenience. You should go through the book thoroughly and then write your art history essay according to the book. But distinguishing your writing from the other writer is very important. Always note and give the evidence for your writing using some quotations and citations. This will help you to establish some credibility and will show your knowledge about the particular material. Do not forget to give the details of the place and the time that the incident takes place in your history essay. History essays are mostly used as reference materials or research materials by students, researchers and other people who are searching for some information about an event from the past.

For the history extended essay, first choose the topic that you are going to write about. The topic should be very interesting and exciting and you should do the extensive research about that topic and write some important and interesting facts about that topic. The topic should have many interpretations, so that you can explain in your essay how to differentiate the interpretation, and explain how that interpretation is very superior to others. You should make a depth study about the topic to write the extended essay in history. An argument should be there throughout the essay. Be consistent in your writing and always follow the rules in writing extended essays.

Then of course you would like to know how to start a history essay. In everything first impression should be the best impression. You should write an eye catching and impressive first sentence to impress your readers and make them want to continue their reading. A well written essay should have an introduction, development about the argument and then conclusion. Your essay should be based on thesis. The thesis is the argument about the statement gave by the writer. You should write the originality of the topic along with your creative writing. The combination of the originality and the creativity should impress the readers.