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english literature essay

Essay is a prose form that is written on a particular subject. Essays can be basically classified into personal, objective and abstract universal. English literature essays have become an integral part of educational system. An English literature essay vividly describes a literature work in a most effective way. It can give details regarding each and every aspect of the literary work. The essay in short should hold the heart of the literary item on which it is written.

Characteristics of an Effective Essay

Before knowing how to write a literature essay, we should have the basic idea of what the things that make an effective essay are:

• Focused: The essay should be written in such a way that it is purely based on the topic rather than deviating from it. Only then we can say that the essay is effective.

• Organized: The contents of the essay should be arranged in a perfect sequence.

• Support: The essay should include the facts and statements that can support the ideas presented in the essay.

• Lucid: The essay should also contain proper grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Tips to Write a Literature Essay

The important tips that can guide you in how to write a literature essay are the following:

• Purpose: The major purpose of writing the essay should be known before starting it. When you are writing an essay on an English literature item, its aim should be to express what the author meant in his work.

• Understanding: You should have a clear idea about the work on which you are going to write the essay. In order to get a clear idea, you should go through the literary item very carefully.

• English: You should be able to express the style of language used by the author in that work. For this purpose you should have an idea about the author.

• Focusing statement: The essay should contain the statement telling what the essay is focussed on or what it is going to prove.

• Write the essay: When you have the clear picture of what you have to write then start with an attractive introduction, organize the contents according to the sequence of data collected and then give it a crisp conclusion.

Essay writing is not a difficult task if you have the clear idea about what you are writing and if you follow the format properly with excellent language, without grammar and punctuation problems.