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doctoral dissertation proposal

A doctoral dissertation is a formal document (normally lengthy) that argues in the defense of a specific thesis. It may be described as a hypothesis in simple terms.

A good doctoral dissertation proposal

A proposal can be defined as a short essay that describes the project your doctoral dissertation is embarking. The proposal should contain a brief description of the problem (overview of topic) in introduction, an explicit statement about the research problem you intend to solve, review of relevant scholarly literature on the topic, a discussion on the connection between the secondary literature and your research problem and finally a discussion of your research methodologies and a list of primary sources. Generally this proposal should act as the outline of the final product.

Writing doctoral dissertation

We can say that it is writing in details what the proposal describes. Good doctoral dissertations will contain the following elements:

• Generally, in the first chapter, the dissertation must describe the problem of motivation, its importance, what has been done by others on this research.

• Make concise, precise, and unambiguous definitions of new terms.

• Come up with a conceptual model describing the central concept of your work. It should tie together all the arguments and provide a solution to the problem defined in the introduction at conceptual level.

• Describe experimental results that show evidence supporting your thesis. The experiment should either emphasize on better efficiency or proof of the concept.

• Give a description of the variations and extensions of the central idea.

• In conclusion, give a summary of what you have learned and its applications. You may also mention the possibilities of further research in the future.

• Then in few paragraphs, give a short summary of the doctorate dissertation. Briefly describe the problem, the research methodologies and techniques, and an emphasis of original contributions.

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