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chemistry essay

An essay on Chemistry is usually written in scientific format whereby part of it is the subject/idea and the other part is research and analysis. This however depends on the type of chemistry essay that one wants to write. The format of writing an essay is still however followed i.e the introduction, the main body that contains the content of your subject matter ,a conclusion and references.

There are mainly three types of chemistry essays when categorized according to the content format:

• Theoretical

• Experimental

• General

Purely experimental essays are relatively rare unless one is on the verge of making a new discovery. Most essays are usually general (a mixture of both experimental and theoretical) or theoretical.

Theoretical essays involve extensive research on a specific subject matter, usually involving a lot of reading. Such essays usually simplify content that would otherwise be difficult to understand and bring together dispersed information that had previously been spread across several sources .Such essays tend to prove or reinforce an already known idea but can also raise questions for further research.

Experimental essays are based on an experiment conducted by the researcher. It provides extensive information on the method of conducting the experiment used, the equipment used, the procedure of conducting the experiment, the observations and conclusions. In a purely experimental essay, various questions like why a particular method has been used, why the location the experiment was performed was chosen and the theory on which the experiment is based on need to be answered in depth.

Most essays are general in nature, combining both theoretical and practical aspects to explain a theory or an experiment. The beginning of the essay usually starts with a theory which may be explained in words but an experiment may be needed to prove that the theory is indeed true. Thus the experiment is explained in detail so as to prove the theory.

Another type of essay is the Chemistry extended essay .This is a research paper that a student writes based on a subject matter of the student's choice, but must based on one of the International Baccalaureate Program courses, in this case, any of the Chemistry sub-topics like inorganic ,organic, medicinal or organo-metallic chemistry .The essay usually should not exceed 4000 words.