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architecture paper and essay

If you need to write an essay on architecture then reading an academic architecture paper can help a lot. It can help you to understand key points of architecture that can be helpful for writing your architecture essays. In this essay on architecture you may need to write the type of architecture history and its latest trend in the modern world.

An architecture essay can be divided in three key areas that are: introduction, description and conclusion. Introduction can be the key part of any essay because it sets the style, tone and influences the content for rest of the essay. If you want to catch attention of your reader and interest him wit your essay, you need to make your introduction part very simple yet informative and engaging. To make your essay’s introduction engaging and interesting try to talk about the answer of question that title of essay asked.

The description of the essay you can divide in to four different sections.

First part includes historical references in which you can explain about different attributes of each era that were used for that particular time. Each era has a different look and design style that you can explain in your essay.You can also compane architecture of different countries at the same time. That will be interesting to your reader to get to know the differences in styles and types of buildings in different countries and continents.

Second section can talk about use of space. In this part of the essay you not only need to consider historical buildings but you also need to talk about theories that are being used by modern day architects also.

Third section is about combination of art and culture with architecture, every country or region has its own indigenous culture that reflects in its architecture. You need to understand and explain a bit about it in your essay and provide some examples of how culture influenced on architecture long time ago and nowadays.

Fourth and last part of this description should be about landscape design as it is also an important part that should be included in your essay.

Conclusion of essay should cover all the key points in one paragraph with summarized content of the whole essay.