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Do not feel depressed because of your depression research paper!

on 14/02/2013

Depression is a disease that is affecting people from every ethnic group, profession and age. Cause of depression is chemical imbalance in brain; this chemical is known as neurotransmitters. In this disease patient feels sad, gloomy and hopeless about things for future, and he stop enjoying his day to day life, his hobbies and things which he loves to do in normal condition. The most common problem about this disease is that people do not notice it or they hide it intentionally.

Depression research paper is easy to write if you get help from Essayadvisers

If we talk about details of a research paper on depression, then it can be divided into several parts. Ever depression research paper has introduction that talks about basic characteristics of depression. They may also cover about history of depression research paper. Second part covers the types of depression. One person may have one or more than one type of depression at same time. Most popular types of depression are Clinical depression, seasonal depression, chronic depression, postpartum depression, bipolar depression, psychotic depression and atypical depression. Severity of problem varies depending on the person, condition and age of disease. Most of the symptoms of depression can be identified easily. These common symptoms are: sudden mood change, fatigue, loss of interest, weight loss, empty feeling, guilt and even suicidal tendency. Other than these there are few other symptoms like over eating, mixing up with unknown people and believing on them easily and showing calmness in typical situation also. The last part of research paper on depression cover Solution of depression. There are basically two type of solution depression: one is treatment and other one is medicine. Treatment covers different type of therapy that includes psychotherapy, electric shock treatment, and interpersonal therapy while medicine has different kind of medicine suggested by doctors.