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Best research paper on leadership is written by our expert writer!

on 14/02/2013

If you are writing a research paper on leadership you will definitely need to define charismatic leadership in your research paper. Charismatic leaders communicate and behave in such a simple and emotional way to followers that inspire and motivate them to do great work. If you define charismatic leadership skills that make them charismatic leaders, then your research paper on leadership will definitely have a big chapter about communication. Few people believe charismatic leaders are born with this talent while other say they develop all the necessary skills over time. Developing charisma could be difficult but it's possible. Anyone can develop charisma keeping few simple qualities in mind. Charisma is basically a process, an interaction, a bonding and a belief between follower and charismatic leader. All the followers of a charismatic leader always feel they are connected with leader at an emotional level, because leader communicate in deep emotional way and express himself so clearly that follower can visualize what leader is trying to express.

Define charismatic leadership in your research paper on leadership

There are many charismatic leaders who were not so bright in their younger age but with time they developed this skill; Gandhi is an example of such a person. He was very shy in his younger years, in his law practice time he used to avoid debate, but later entire nation followed him. If we talk about basic characteristic of charismatic leaders than the first component would be good communication skills. If someone cannot communicate at deep emotional level to its followers, he can't be a charismatic leader. The other component – a leader should be a role model to followers in positive manner. If he says something for others, he should value that in his own action. A charismatic leader always motivates his followers and that is one more primary characteristic of a charismatic leader.