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We can do good autism informative speech or research paper on autism

on 15/02/2013

Autism is a disorder which affects brain’s normal development of communication and social skill. Kids suffering from this disorder find it very difficult to live a normal life. Every autism informative speech talks about shattered parents whose child is diagnosed with autism. Any research paper on autism will definitely talk about the confusion and controversy of this disorder weather it's about diagnosis or about treatment. Most of the parents find it very difficult to understand what is best for their child that is suffering from autism. Research says that many parents are ready to try any method that they hear about cure of this disorder but if we talk about pediatricians they are also not sure which method will actually work for the kids.

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A research paper on autism sais a lot about it, it gives information that 6 out of 1000 children are suffering from this disorder. It explains how an autistic child’s behavior can be characterized, but no autism informative speech talks about the cause of this disorder. Early diagnosis of autism is very difficult as characteristics of autism are generally not detectable in children who are under two years old. Leo Kanner was the first person who made a formal documentation about autism in 1943.He did research on 11 children who had same problem of social isolation and he named the problem as infantile autism. After that many other people made formal documentation on the same subject. Cause of autism is not sure but few researches claim that vaccine like MMR is responsible for it while few other claim it's a genetic disorder. However none of these theories are proven. There are no treatment for autism but with some behavioral training and therapies patient can be involved in social life and he can improve his communication.