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There are a couple of outline essay examples written for you

on 28/01/2013

For an essay, you should first give the introduction about what you are going to write in the essay. The examples of essay outline may vary according to the topic. You should write the essay outline according to the topic and the situation of the topic and the necessity. Here are outline essay examples about the myths about smoking. Introduction Write about the ill effects caused by the smoking habits and how it is injurious to health. List some examples of essays outline about ill effects caused by smoking. And write about the thing in short form that you are going to write in this essay. Write a quotation related to the topic to attract the readers. The introduction should always be attractive to make the readers read the full essay. The introduction may be of with 150 words. Heading 1 The heading 1 may be about the main subject you are going to write in the essay. List out the myths prevailing all over the world by bulletined or numbered list. Also write the facts prevailing about those myths behind it. This paragraph may be of 200 words.

Examples of essay outline will let you understand what you can expect for

Heading 2 Discuss the myths and the facts about smoking thoroughly in this paragraph. And give the full details about the myths with an example for each to make it easier for the readers. This paragraph may be of 200 words. Conclusion In this paragraph, summarize all the important things about outline essay examples and what you discuss in this essay and conclude a solution for the problems you have written in this essay. You can also give a quotation related to the topic in this conclusion part also. This conclusion may be of 50 words. The essay outline should thoroughly discuss the facts that are going to take part in the essay. Overall, it should be made clear for the readers about the essay by seeing the examples of essay outline itself.