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Sex education research paper are very important in modern world

on 05/02/2013

If you've been told to write a research paper on sex education, you may be struggling to find unique topics for the sex education research paper. What could you write about that hasn't already been written by half the class? Cultural Differences in Sex Education How does Iran balance a theocratic Muslim government with modern sex education courses taught to all newlyweds? How do other nations alter their sex education courses based on local mores, customs and religious beliefs?

Sex education research paper will answer all possible questions regarding this topic

Age Appropriateness Sex education research paper can tell you about one of the modern sources of contention is the age at which to begin sex education. When is it appropriate to teach the differences between boys and girls? At what age do you teach the basic terms for anatomy, and when should the topic of sexual intercourse arise? At what age should the concept of homosexuality, bisexuality and heterosexuality be addressed? Telling a ten year old boy who has not yet developed sexual attraction to girls that he may "like" boys instead could lead him to think that he is homosexual, though his lack of attraction to girls is normal at his age. Teaching young girls about the risk of rape and abuse at the hands of a boyfriend could lead them to fear boys and men. When is sex education most effective in preventing pregnancy and the spread of diseases, and at what age is the topic simply confusing? Effectiveness of Sex Education The irony of sex education is that it has accompanied a stellar rise in the rate of sexually transmitted disease and out of wedlock births. An estimated 19 million sexually transmitted infections per year in the U.S, with about 20% of high school girls having an STD. After years of sex education, a research paper on sex education should address why the infection rates are so high despite nearly universal sex education. What programs are effective in preventing infection? What behaviors responsible for spreading disease are not covered in most sex education programs?