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on 01/01/2013

Writers who compose any sort of marketing papers should be sure to include information regarding how advertising has evolved over the past decade. Many companies have come to the realization that traditional marketing is not what sells anymore, and are changing the way they market their products. Readers should be given information on various marketing campaigns used today.

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Comparing Traditional With Today's Marketing When writing a paper on Marketing, it should not only point out the latest campaign trends, but also provide a bit of information on how such campaigns work. While some companies still use traditional means of advertising such as billboards, commercials and printed media - the most efficient way to advertise any product today is with the use of digital technology. Therefore the reader should be informed of marketing campaigns such as: 1. PPC or Pay Per Click 2. Affiliate Marketing 3. Social Networking Including these three proven ways of advertising when writing a paper on marketing will give the reader the latest, most up to date information available. It not only provides information on how to reach customers, but also how companies can increase their ROI, or return on investment. There's no secret that everyone loves a good bottom line, which is why including such beneficial information will keep the reader interested. Be Informative and To The Point When writing marketing paper, one should be sure to include the various ways used to reach prospective customers. Though traditional ways of marketing are still being used today, it is best to provide the reader with the latest trends. Writers may want to include various traditional marketing campaigns, but only when using comparisons to new and innovative ways which companies are using today. This will make for a good marketing paper which the reader will find quite useful.