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You can get a professional assistance with your essay about racism

on 28/01/2013

There are many essays available written about racism. They show that racism is a term used to describe the belief that certain race of people is more superior to another. This leads to racial segregation of people into groups of different races who will not share any political, social, religious and economic activity together. Essays on racism show that, throughout the human history, racism has existed and it was more pronounced in the early ages when people from different racial background first started to come across each other. It leads to hatred of a person by another based on their color of the skin, custom, language, birth place or any other factor which shows their basic character. Based on racial discrimination and hatred, this leads to formation of slavery, influenced the legal codes, wars and formation of countries.

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However the essays on racism show that individuals were initially friendly to people of different race, but due to the actions of men over the time or possessing religious beliefs, people started having thoughts that those from different race bring threat and hence started treating every person from that different race badly. As evidenced by some literature on essay about racism, when Portuguese first arrived in Africa in the 15th century, they found Africans having sophisticated empires, civilization and cities as advanced as their own. An essay about racism reveals with time, the Africans failed to match when it comes to technological advancements like Europe, and as the major European nations started to explore Africa, they found it easier to forcibly remove the Africans from their country to work as slaves in America and Europe. They justified this by describing Africans as being of a different species as their own even considering them as savages. Thas view justifid their slave trades since at that time the western countries had started to promote human equality and individual rights.