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-Can you write my book review? -Yes, we write your review for a cheap price

on 18/01/2013

As I grow into the world of writing, I have come to learn that I should not be shy to ask for assistance from the experts because this is how I can grow even more and become an expert myself. The Academic assistance writing agency is here to help me develop my writing to a professional level. The question I have been asking myself the whole week is how I should write my movie review and how I should write my book review. This is because I had an English assignment on writing reviews to submit. Let me give you some tips on how you can write an expert movie review. When writing a movie review you do not want to give too many details but rather you should give just a glimpse of it and let the readers go out looking for the movie. In in almost every movie, there is an element of surprise. Ensure that you let that scene be a surprise to the review readers when they get to watch the movie.

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In any movie review you have something to say about the plot, the characters, the technical details, the sound and the theme of the movie. The plot should reveal the context of the movie but not reveal too much. When writing a review you should also look at the characters of the movie, reveal to the readers how the major actors have transformed in their attitude and perspective throughout the movie. On the technical detail, you could describe the lighting of a particular setting and the emotion that it brought out in the movie. The sound of the movie is also important in the review. Describe the quality of the sound and some of the sound tracks used in the movie. Ensure you are able to describe the theme of the movie. Book reviews should also be approached from the same angle. You will be at a great advantage if you have read the book or watched the movie you want to write a review on. I prefer other people to write my book review, write my movie review and that is why I seek further clarification on how to write reviews from the academic assistant writing agency.