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An example of movie review you can order on our reliable website

on 20/01/2013

After a movie is released, critics generally give ratings to the movie. These ratings are generally given based on the acting, story of the movie, songs in the movie and on the way the story of the movie is narrated. Based on the movie review writing the film is either declared a blockbuster or flop. While writing a review for the movie writer has to keep in mind even the smallest detail about the movie. To get to know these instructions accurately, the writer should watch the movie more than once. If you have to criticise the acting, narration of the story and the role played by the actors, then you have to provide a valid reasons in your movie review writing.

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While writing a review one has to keep in mind about the actors, directors and producers. Find out the places where shooting was done. The writer should write the review in such a way so that it grabs the attention of the readers. The review should be written in a simple language which can be understood by the common people. In a review give your readers only the preface of the movie. This preface plays an important role as it attracts the readers to watch the movie as they become curious what happens at the end. One example of movie review is as follows: 1. Start with a popular dialogue of the movie; 2. Give the running time of the movie; 3. Give ratings for the acting, storyline, music out of 10; 4. Try to make the review interesting; 5. Let the readers know whether the movie they are planning to watch is action, thriller, horror, comedy or romantic movie; 6. Then give them a brief idea with which the movie starts, but be careful that you are not revealing the suspense; 7. Then, if you want to criticise the movie, do it in a sophisticated manner and with valid strong points; So this is one example of movie review. Apart from this you can add posters of the movies and give a brief background about the singers of the movie.